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Travel Tip…

There's nothing worse than going from Fish Corners to Friendsville…   And always remember, after you Bangor, you're headed to Breedsville.  

Posted by Den at 4:35 AM

Stupid Commercial 1: Girl Confuses Schlong with Automobile?

Now I don’t know my child labor laws, but doesn’t this violate SOME sort of child-in-pornography regulation?

Posted by Den at 11:35 PM

Words You Should Know…

Words That I made up, just because I can.  I mean, seriously, who has time to say two words when one will do the job?  All of you slackers haven’t come up with the words I need to express the really important thoughts in my mellon, so damn it, I’m obviously going to have to […]

Posted by Den at 12:15 AM


Facebook Etiquette 101

Things that should be obvious, but for some reason elude certain people: 1) When commenting on someone else’s photo/post/status, don’t engage in random conversation unrelated to said post. E.g. (on Rick’s photo); Bob: “Nice photo Rick!” Karla: “Yea nice photo… Hey Bob, you coming to in-n-out tonight?” Bob: “Hey Karla, not sure… How are the […]

Posted by Den at 11:19 PM

Spring Fashion Tip: Black is the new… uh… Black.

The Latest “Louis” accessory for wealthy women on-the-go… The traditional chocolate brown and gold motif, accented by afro and poopie-pants says rich, stinky, yet understated.

Posted by Den at 1:31 PM


Mind Viruses… Catch One Now!

Ug boots. Back Tattoos. Spiky hair. Schiznit. Tickle Me Elmo. Vitamin Water. Religious Extremism. Copy-cat murderers. People trying to look like Paris Hilton. Viruses of the mind.

Posted by Den at 12:19 PM

How To Make Yourself a 10

Nice Guy + Attractive Woman = Lonely Horney Loser. It’s “The Math of Attraction” Are you a ‘nice guy’ who continually finds himself in Friendville? What, do I have to beat you with a rubber hose? Read this, and consider yourself beaten…

Posted by Den at 10:34 AM